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Speciality Coffee & The Micro-Lot Connection

If you’re into specialty coffee, you may have heard the term “micro-lot” before, but what does it actually mean? And why is it more expensive than other coffee? Is there really that big of a difference? We know micro means small, so are we just

Coffee Processing 101: Natural, Washed, and Honey

When you think about your favorite cup of coffee, what comes to mind? Origin of the coffee beans? The roast profile? Or is it all about the preparation process? Maybe you’re a pour-over drinker. Or perhaps you prefer a French Press. These are all important

The Battle Of Blends Vs. Single Origin

If you’re curious about the differences between blends and single origin coffee, you’re not alone. Single origin coffee sounds fancy, but what does it actually mean? Is it really better than your favorite go-to blend? And what’s the deal with espresso? Is it single origin,

The Difference Between Good Coffee And Great Coffee

Did you know coffees get graded like wines? That’s right. Professional coffee graders use their senses to smell, sip, slurp, and occasionally spit in order to find the best of the best. It’s all part of what’s known as coffee cupping. The professionals can easily

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What is Specialty Coffee?

Have you heard about specialty coffee? What is specialty coffee? You might be surprised to learn that your daily sweet, syrupy Starbucks morning mocha, while special to you, likely wouldn’t pass the “specialty coffee” test. Even if you’re a coffee lover, the term specialty coffee

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The Three Waves of Coffee

First-Wave, Second-Wave, Third-Wave Coffee. What are the waves of coffee? Can you surf them? Well, no. Not literally, anyway. But, if you’re an avid coffee drinker like us, you’ve certainly encountered them in your everyday life without even knowing it. Waves of coffee refer to

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