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Introducing the Nomi Brew Podbuster

The Podbuster is the “anti-pod” single-serve coffee machine for people who love coffee and love our planet to boot.

Read on or go ahead and pre-order the Podbuster now.


We are driving the single-serve coffee experience to new heights with the Podbuster. Say goodbye to stale, pre-packaged pods and hello to freshly ground beans.

The Podbuster features a built-in stainless steel conical burr grinder for the freshest grounds, seamlessly blending convenience with the unbeatable aroma and taste of freshly ground coffee. Imagine, delicious coffee with no pod guilt.

Read on or go ahead and pre-order the Podbuster now.


We care deeply about our farmers, planet Earth, and our mission.

Happy Farmers.

Nomi treats our coffee producers like true partners. Nomi Brew is dedicated to creating holistic and sustainable transformation in the countries where we source our beans. Paying producers, a decent living wage is essential to ensuring sustainable coffee production.

Happy Planet.

Sustainability is key for Nomi Brew. We are deeply “anti-pod.” Strong language, you say? Those tiny plastic pods are the most insidious form of global domestic waste. It’ll take 500 years for those little suckers to decompose in landfills. We will always be anti-pod.

Happy Friends.

As a mission-driven company, Nomi Brew maintains rigorous standards of authenticity, transparency, and accountability. From our farmers’ wages to your hot, fresh cup of joe. Doing things right is the only way we do things.

Our Mission

Nomi Brew wants to eradicate coffee pods from the planet by the year 2035. We are the “anti-pod” coffee company. Strong language, you say? Well, Nomi tells it like it is. Those tiny, hard plastic coffee pods are one of the most insidious forms of domestic waste. Sure, you can make your cup of coffee in two minutes, but it takes up to 500 years for those nasty, little suckers to decompose in landfills. Sustainability is a major tenet at Nomi and will become even more important as we grow. Stay tuned.

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