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What are cupping scores?

Much like the way wine is scored, the coffee score scale developed by the Specialty Coffee Association goes from 0 to 100, and only coffees scoring 80 points or more are recognized as specialty coffee. Commercial-grade coffee scores anywhere from 60 to 80. Coffee is scored for Fragrance and Aroma, Coffee Flavor, Flavor Aftertaste, Coffee Acidity, Coffee Body, Balance and Sweetness and more. Learn more

Dark Thirty

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FLAVOR NOTES: bittersweet, smoky


Dark Thirty – your morning jolt with a Guatemalan twist! This Nomi Brew dark roast packs a punch with its bittersweet and smoky flavors. It’s bold, it’s mysterious, and it’s downright delicious. So, whether you’re kickstarting your day or need a midday boost, Dark Thirty has you covered.

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5 reviews for Dark Thirty

  1. Don and Leslie

    I think this is my favorite so far. This is dark roasted just to the point of full bodied, but not oily or burnt at all. Just under an espresso roast. Love it.

  2. Sharon

    Wow, so smooth and smoky. My first time to try these coffees and I’m wondering how it can get any better. My favorite coffee so far.

  3. Nicole

    This was the first one of Nomi brew coffee I’ve tried and I enjoyed every sip. I drink my coffee black and it was so smooth. I was pleasantly surprised. No acidic or bitter taste. Loved it and would recommend.

  4. Bala Selvam

    Very Creamy and sweet! Probably one of the best coffees I’ve had in a while that came out of a bag. The coffee definitely matches the score on the bag

  5. Rich Hartman

    To all my Cafe Verona and Pike Place drinkers , I get it. I thought the same, then I found it, Dark Thirty is the one for me. I got introduced to a fine grind and truly one of the best tasting coffees I have had. I would consider myself a three cup a day guy. Two in the morning and one late afternoon. So I know a little about taste. This coffee was not overpowering like others with the smoky flavor but yet just bold enough that it keeps your attention.

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