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Doctor Dreamy

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(10 customer reviews)


BLEND: Colombia, Guatemala

FLAVOR NOTES: citrus, fudge


With its citrus notes and yummy fudgy finish, you’ll be dreaming about your next cup of this delicious brew long after that last sip is gone. But while the smooth flavors of this breakfast blend may feel like a dream, it’s actually the perfect thing to wake you up in the morning.

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10 reviews for Doctor Dreamy

  1. Sarah & Paul Johnson

    We’ve tried Dr. Dreamy and Happy Hour. Both are excellent, flavorful, smooth, and not bitter. The aroma of the brewing coffee is delicious.

    Nomi Brew’s mission to eliminate plastic pods and to partner with individual coffee producers to ensure ethical commerce is important.

  2. JDewald

    I tried dr. Dreamy. The flavor and smoothness is remarkable. No bitterness whatsoever.

  3. Don and Leslie

    Dr Dreamy is smooth and refreshing. It was so good black I skipped the normal stevia and cream adds.

  4. Doug Rucker

    I wish there were 6 stars. Because Doctor Dreamy is good. Very good. At least 6-stars worthy. Dr. D is a medium roast, so for me breakfast coffee perfection. Full-bodied flavor with angel kisses of fruit and fudge. I drink about 3 cups in the morning, and now I have to fight the urge for a fourth cup. Can’t wait to subscribe whenever you offer that service.

  5. Rose

    Dr. Dreamy is delicious! It’s so light and smooth with a brightness I wasn’t expecting. Sometimes breakfast blends barely taste like anything but this was strong without being overpowering. And I love knowing it’s responsibly grown by independent farmers. Definitely worth a second cup! I’ll be recommending this to all my friends!

  6. Yvonne L

    Smooth and creamy, this coffee is so delicate and flavorful. I had it with a bit of sweet cream and it was heavenly. No bitterness like other coffee’s. I went back for a second cup it was so good. You can taste and smell the chocolate and it’s paired perfectly with the citrus. I can’t wait for a tasting.

  7. Kristin

    Other reviewers have already hit the nail on the head – Dr. Dreamy is a smooth, lightly citrus breakfast blend that meets all my criteria for a solid morning cup, whether black or with cream.

  8. Samantha (verified owner)

    Fantastic! The beans smell amazing…I can pick up the chocolate. This is a perfect balance of not too light and not too dark. It’s very smooth on the palate and I strongly recommend it.

  9. Danielle Gibson

    Such a tasty coffee! Really rich flavor and the beans are perfectly toasted unlike so many other companies. I’m looking forward to trying the other flavors.

  10. Coffee & Comments

    I was blessed to gain access to a sample of this and it was phenomenal. Great taste and bold flavor. I highly recommend people give this a try!

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