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What are cupping scores?

Much like the way wine is scored, the coffee score scale developed by the Specialty Coffee Association goes from 0 to 100, and only coffees scoring 80 points or more are recognized as specialty coffee. Commercial-grade coffee scores anywhere from 60 to 80. Coffee is scored for Fragrance and Aroma, Coffee Flavor, Flavor Aftertaste, Coffee Acidity, Coffee Body, Balance and Sweetness and more. Learn more

Friends Blend

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FLAVOR NOTES: berries, lime zest


Just one sip of Friends Blend will transport you to a vibrant berry patch, with the refreshing zing of lime zest dancing on your palate. Made with 100% Arabica beans, this single-origin coffee comes from the West Arsi region in the heart of Ethiopia. Cultivated by a dedicated group of smallholder farmers, these producers offer a diverse range of coffee varieties native to the area’s lush, neighboring forests.

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