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What are cupping scores?

Much like the way wine is scored, the coffee score scale developed by the Specialty Coffee Association goes from 0 to 100, and only coffees scoring 80 points or more are recognized as specialty coffee. Commercial-grade coffee scores anywhere from 60 to 80. Coffee is scored for Fragrance and Aroma, Coffee Flavor, Flavor Aftertaste, Coffee Acidity, Coffee Body, Balance and Sweetness, and more. Learn more

Happy Hour

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FLAVOR NOTES: cocoa, gala apple


DECAF Every hour is happy hour with our specialty-grade decaf coffee. The well-balanced blend of apple and citrus with a cocoa finish comes from the San Agustín region of western Colombia located in the Andean mountains. This specialty-grade decaf coffee is produced on plots of land tended to exclusively by the families who own them. These local farmers have a tremendous sense of pride in the final product. The result is a great-tasting decaf coffee you can enjoy any time of day.

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5 reviews for Happy Hour

  1. Paul & Sarah Johnson

    We’ve tried Dr. Dreamy and Happy Hour. Both are excellent, flavorful, smooth, and not bitter. Decaf Happy Hour is especially wonderful to have in the afternoon or evening. The aroma of the brewing coffee is delicious.

    Nomi Brew’s mission to eliminate plastic pods and to partner with individual coffee producers to ensure ethical commerce is important.

  2. Jane Zhang

    This decaf was surprisingly smooth! I don’t normally go for decaf, but have recently found myself wanting a cozy cup of coffee in the afternoons . I’m glad to get to enjoy this coffee without fear of it affecting my sleep!
    I’ve had some decaf coffee before that have made me want to sacrifice sleep for “the good stuff”, but I enjoyed Happy Hour and would recommend to anyone looking for a nice cup of quality coffee without the high caffeine.

  3. ANDREW HOLZSCHUH (verified owner)

    Simply put, this is the best decaf I’ve ever had.

  4. Liza

    It was great in my decaf latte this morning! Great flavor!

  5. Tyler

    I bought this for my wife because she is pregnant and not drinking caffeine. She loved the decaf said it was better than the regular coffee she usually drinks.

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